2 thoughts on “Avoid Overload Podcast Episode #4

  1. Imaginext are the best…and Playskool Star Wars (of course)!

    “Fear The Walking Dead” – The story needs developed. I’ll give it another week. It did not grab you and make you want more like “The Walking Dead” did even in week 1. I am sad to see “Falling Skies” go away this week though….moment of silence! I liked the show and characters, mostly.

    BRING BACK THE BEARD! Middle Pittsburgh is not the same without the beard. Maybe just keep it up a bit more to avoid the wifey! 😉

    FYI – My iPhone 6 battery STINKS! Worse than @nateilus described for his phone. I’m constantly managing apps and shutting off things. SOOOO Annoying! I would hate to see it with the Apple Watch and Bluetooth always running. At least the watch is inductive so I could slip the charging pad under the watch while I am still wearing it if the battery is as bad as the phone! 😀

    1. Agreed, Imaginext are the best!

      Fear the Walking Dead doesn’t have the same pull but I am hoping that character development can help that. The walking dead had the “unknown” element that help keep you engaged. With the new show, we know the result we need to find the cause so it just isn’t the same. Hopefully, it will get better.

      The Beard may come back…

      Good to hear your take on the iPhone 6, so smartphones just suck…. I guess I will go back to a flip phone lol.

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